Simon Audio High-End Power Amplifier with Push-Pull designed parallel output circuit using SANKEN package Type MT-200 Power Transistors to provide 150W/Ch at 8 Ohm



Junction FET Input  

Proprietary Feed-back circuit on the Power Transistors with Non-polar Capacitors for the improvement of the Bass Impact

Push-pull Designed Parallel Output Circuit with SANKEN Package Type MT-200 Power Transistors

Inputs:1 RCA Unbalanced 

             1 XLR Balanced

Input Sensitivity: 0.83V, 200W / 8 Ohm

Signal to Noise: 10-20kHz, -100dB

THD: 0.005%, at 30W, 8 Ohm

Frequency Response: 10Hz - 35kHz, +-3dB

Power Output: 150W / Ch at 8 Ohm, 300W / Ch at 4 Ohm

AC Power: 100/117/220/230VAC, 60Hz Selectable

Dimensions: 432 x 110 x 396  mm (WHD)

Weight: 17 kg

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